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Have you been at the dating scene for a while and feel like it’s taking forever to locate a guy that might turn into more than something casual? Are you a recent divorcee, who after being in a long term relationship, feel a little disoriented when it comes to finding your place in the new world of dating? Does it seem like it’s effortless for your friends to date and find romance, while you struggle with this concept every time someone new asks you out? Are you willing to try a new approach?  If so, please take the time to learn some of the dating tips for women outlined in these pages. The end result will be that you change your dating life change faster than even you expected.

What do you really want?

This may sound easy, but the first step in the dating process is knowing exactly what you want and then holding to your standard. Are you are looking for something casual? Then focus on that and avoid attracting relationship-type guys into your life, or else you may end up being the cause of heartache. Conversely, are looking for a long-term guy? Well, hopping into the sack with the first person that asks will likely deliver the message that you’re only looking for a fling. It can be especially helpful if you can get a little background knowledge from his online dating profile or what you can gain from communicating on your first few dates. You don’t want to interrogate him, but why should you spend your time chasing after the wrong guy? Also, be aware that some guys will tell you what you want to hear to get you into bed, so again: know what you want, and hold yourself to it.

 Love yourself 

This is probably the most important yet overlooked piece of dating advice that many women seem to skip. Admittedly, we live in an age of where we want everything yesterday, always looking for something easy and fast.That’s why it’s important to stop and take the time to feel love for yourself, first. That means accepting the way you look, act, feel, and ultimately want out of your life, which is happiness. When you are looking for love, rather than thinking about what you or someone may not like about you. Focus on all the great things about yourself in order to create positive energy. You will subconsciously send the message to men that you are a confident woman who is worth dating.


Know How to Look Great

If you need help with personal style or grooming, get it. This doesn’t necessarily asking your mom, your sister, or your best friends. It may require calling in the professionals to do so. Taking into consideration your: height, size, shape, face, hair, and so forth need specific styles of make-up, color, and wardrobe. Again if you are new to the scene, there are plenty of online fashion resources to learn from and in some cases how to put together what you already have. Establish a look that makes you feel comfortable and great in the skin you are in.

Start Wearing Lingerie More Frequently

Before you get the wrong idea, it’s not because you are going to jump into bed with every man you meet, unless that’s the dating life you are looking for. Actually, it has more to do with psychologically boosting your self-esteem that makes you more noticeable when you walk into a room. It’s a little fashion tip that increases confidence in a heartbeat. Even when you have pretty lacy things underneath your Juicy Couture tracksuit, you immediately feel sexier. And when you feel sexy, you act sexy and guys love that.


Don’t Stress It

Especially when thinking of fashion, beauty and style, obsessing over the fact that your eyebrows weren’t properly waxed evenly is going shift your focus away from a potentially amazing date. Similarly, if you are driving your self insane from the water stain where the waiter spilled water on the table, you are going to miss out your date’s amazing conversation, shifting the mood and giving your date the wrong impression. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Is it really going to matter tomorrow? A passing annoyance in the grand scheme of life, Wasting a second more time on it is a major waste of your time and energy. Shift to positive!



Are looking for a short-term guy who’s not into taking dating seriously? Then make your way to ¾ the bars, the clubs and dance joints. Not to say that all men at these locations are like that, but when compared to those in long term relationships, few married couples talk about how they met their spouse at the bar. If you want to find a long-term guy, you need to go where long term guys go.Try places like health clubs, church or the bookstore. Basically in order to date men, you must first meet men, so think of places to you are interested in. Take an art or cooking class. Local guys are easier to find with a profile on many dating sites. You can view their interests, spark up a chat and take it from there.

The Bottom Line

Dating in the 21st century is easier said than done, but not just for women, for men too. The best dating tips for women in the 21st century involve tips that help women be a 21st-century woman, without looking too eager. She needs to know exactly what she wants, while having the confidence to go after it. Look great, love yourself and put yourself out there, and it won’t be long before you catch the eye of a man who will want to have dinner with you. And a little lingerie has never hurt anybody.