7 Fabulous Reasons Why Men Lie?

7 Fabulous Reasons Why Men Lie?

Why Men Lie?


Do you like many women feel above all things that trust is a big part of your relationship?

You might think of trust and love like the strands that make up a rope. When the two are intertwined together, they are strong and hold together tightly.

However, if the trust is broken, love is diminished and damaged.

A lot of issues would likely be solved, if you could trust him fully and completely. After describing what they were looking for in a guy, most women will have “honesty” as the first choice that comes to mind following “sense of humor”.

The fact is.. MEN DO LIE. Of course everybody lies from time to time, but doesn’t it seem like men do it far more often? Not to mention for completely different reasons.

If only there were a way for more women to understand why men lie in the first place. If only to spot it ahead of time, certainly a lot of hurt feelings could be avoided. How much time you could save trying to figure out whether he’s really telling the truth or not.

Now before we start looking for accusations for what he’s doing, let’s look at seven reasons why he could be lying to you in the first place.The key to the mystery has to do with how he thinks.

Understanding where it might be coming from does not justify the lying, but it may reveal the REAL reasons why he does what he does..

  • In his mind he’s doing the right thing.  What is the right answer to the age old question of “Do I look fat in this dress?”. How would you expect him to answer? Are you really prepared for him to look you in the eyes and say “Yes you look fat in that dress, you should lose 10 pounds and try it on again in a month!” Would you blame him for lying if you were too fat for the dress? What he’s really trying to do is avoid a fight. It’s a simple case of damned if I do and damned if I don’t. There’s simply no way for him to win this one, regardless of how he answers. His only option would seem to have is to lie. What some women overlook is that it the answer to that question really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that he is with her and thinks she’s beautiful no matter what dress she’s wearing. Giving the desired answer true or not allows him to dodge a bullet leading to a fight.
  •  He’s trying to get out of doing something  It could be something as simple as a household chore that he’s trying to avoid, or maybe a new project at work, or you’re ready for new level of commitment but he’s not there yet. Women lie their way out of avoidable situations. When asked to do something you hate to do, does the “No sorry, washing my hair that night.” line sound familiar to you?
  • His ego is large but fragile. Too big to admit to you how he’s really feeling, still fragile enough to remind that he’s only human. Can you think of a situation where he’s hesitating to make a decision and won’t tell you why he can’t make up his mind?
  • Its how he reinforces his ego The same goes for when he’s out with the guys. They like to tell their little stories how,“I kept her up all night” or “I’m going to be earning millions through my investments any day,” things like that. This goes back to the whole me.. Tarzan you.. Jane routine. He beats his chest and walks around like the king of the earth. It’s even worse when there are women around.  How he can run 10 miles lift so much weight at the gym, well not exactly!
  • He believes he can get away with it. Men are likely to guard their ego at all costs, even if it means telling a little fib. Ask him if he was captain of the football team or whether he graduated at the top of the class. If he’s convinced you’ll never find out, he might be more inclined to lie a little about his past achievements. Does it really matter that much in this moment? Think about it!
  •  He’s no longer interested in you Sorry to break the news to you but may be he no longer loves you. Especially when it comes to more important things. The most unfortunate reason of all: He is falling out of love. “No, sorry, won’t be able to call when I land, I don’t even know where I’ll be once the convention even If he is lying and keeping secrets about what he does without you that shows a lack of respect. Don’t hate him for it. Some guys stay in a relationship out of guilt. In this case, clear the air. There are certain things that demand honesty about. Find out the truth and decide from there.
  • How you react to the truth. How are you at hearing bad news? Do you tend to over analyze and find reasons to have a melt down? Maybe not, but there may have been other women before you came along and have colored his perception towards the opposite sex. Can you blame him? It’s the same that you may refer to many men you once dated as psychos or stalkers yourself. The easiest way to sidestep that reality is to… never act like a psycho bitch from hell when taking bad news. The truth is, displaying a calm, cool attitude all of the time, will allow him to be less defensive and be more willing to be honest with you.

Just Remember..

If you remember that the biggest reason men lie is for self-preservation, you are on your way to understanding of his belief that of course his little white lies or big whoppers are reason enough to piss you off and start a fight, in reality though he’s actually trying to avoid that very outcome. He feels that if he doesn’t lie, he will hurt your feelings, even in the event that it’s necessary that you know the truth. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t come as easy for men to express their feelings as naturally as women do. To simply open up and give it to you in real talk. Now that you understand why he’s fibbing, it can make your job much easier. Remember too that as your relationship progresses and you have time to prove you can deal with the truth, good or bad, he will be much more open and truthful with you.