Do You Know How To Attract Men?

Do You Know How To Attract Men?

Attracting A Man – How?

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A woman arrives at a party. Make up, hair and nails to the tens, rocking her mini skirt with those legs and sporting enough cleavage to make any man cross eyed. It’s likely many if not all the males in the room will take notice of her. Men are visual creatures and a beautiful woman is worth noticing… Any women on the planet could fit that description. So is that how to attract men in a nutshell? Hardly! The important thing lies in what YOU WANT. Only then can you discover how to attract men.


10 Simple Ways To Attracting Men

1. Know and Love Yourself It is crucial to be aware of who you are, what you want and where you are going. Although having a male counterpart could fill the void of loneliness, satisfy sexual needs or support you physically. The truth is, you need to be content with yourself alone. Being aware of what you love, you can set a standard to attract someone based on your own integrity .

2. Be Confident Yet Humble Most men will run from an insecure, needy, dependent to support. Adopting a child would seem more rewarding. But seriously, when you show a level of confidence, men like that. You contribute to the relationship when you balance a self assured attitude with a kind and gentle disposition, yet always being yourself.

3. Dress For Success Your outer appearance reveals much of your inner self. As in the outset, our sexy lady made heads spin. But how would you identify this woman. Is she glamorous? Virtuous? Sophisticated? Or Slutty? The question is simple: how do you want to be portrayed?

4. Smile And Relax Seeking out Mr. Right can be a mix of excitement with a dose of nerve racking and uncertainty. Relax and enjoy yourself. Smile, laugh, have fun. Dating is the part where no commitment exists yet. That means you can take each date for what it’s worth and learn to love the journey you are on. You’ll also get to know more about yourself.

5. Be Honest Its not recommended that you confess your inner most feelings on the initial introduction. However, clearly communicating your expectations and limits in the beginning is important. Do you want a one night stand? Or are you looking for something more permanent

6. Pace Yourself In a world of instant gratification, we expect things to happen in a nanosecond. Relationships are a natural system like flowers that require time and patience to grow. Besides men scare away from any hint of forced commitment, regardless of how good things could be going.

7. Be A Good Listener All of us have a view point and want to be understood. It takes maturity and self-control to bridle our tongue. Stop and really listen. Stroke his ego. Men want to feel in control and valued in their role as the man.

8. Flirt We all love games. Flirting is an exciting way to playfully let him know he has your attention. Be careful the signals you are sending. Some guys will interpret your flirting as a green light to the bedroom. Just keep that in mind!

9. Be Aware Of Your Body Language We reveal more through what we do than by what we say. If he is sharing something he feels important, are you hovering over your food and look up to nod occasionally? Or are you leaning forward, making eye contact and engaged in the discussion?

10. Stay Positive Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, you will always attract what you think about the most. Have a positive attitude knowing good things will happen. Eventually they will. This applies not only to how to attract men but to all you deserve in life.

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