How To Know If A Guy Loves You

How To Know If A Guy Loves You

loveLove is often portrayed in movies, books, and television as those magical moments he pulls her close, looks into her eyes with burning passion, presses his lips to hers, then  confesses,” I love you”.

And of course they live happily ever after. Too bad we never get to see how things turn out beyond the ending credits.

Back in the real world some of us do experience those brief periods of ecstasy with our significant other and yet find we ourselves asking whether he really does love me?

Or not!


As most of us are aware, there are many forms of love. Love of family, love for friends, love for food, etc…However, in this article, we want to define what real love is, what it isn’t in a relationship, and hopefully are able to uncover whether “he loves me” or “he loves me not”.

He Loves Me..He Love Me Not?

love me

The famous author Mark Twain once wrote that, “Actions speak louder than words but

not nearly as often”. Does he show through his words and actions that he truly loves you?

Remember that no one is perfect, so try not to expect him to demonstrate all of these qualities perfectly.


  • PATIENT AND KIND Is he short tempered, impatient, and use harsh words? Or does he take the time to listen to you, his words respectful and dignifying?


  • CONSIDERATE When making important decisions, does he consider your feelings and how you will be affected?


  • HONEST Is he truthful with you in big and small things? Or can you sense deceit in how he may say one thing, but act the opposite, even behind your back?


  • RESPECTFUL Has he ever humiliated you in front of others? Has he openly expressed his attraction toward other women? Or proudly put you on a pedestal as his one and only?


  • LOYALTY Does he put you ahead of all others and stand by you through thick and thin? Or ignore your need for support when you feel you need him most?


  • UNSELFISH Does he pressure you to conform to his choices, perhaps in regards to sex? Or show consideration and allow you the choice to decide when you’re ready?


  • EXPRESSION Does he tell you he loves you and proudly confesses to others his love and devotion for you? Not all men find it easy to express their love verbally. But it is important to hear it once and a while.


  • THOUGHTFUL Does he regularly remind you of how beautiful you look, and appreciates all you do? Or simply expect you to fulfill your role as his personal services assistant?


As stated earlier it is important to keep in mind that nobody can fulfill all of these qualities perfectly. In fact you could use this list as a measure of your feelings towards him.

Some of the points we’ve touched on can have long lasting effects on the life we choose to share with another. The main thing is to know and feel you are loved again through his loving words and actions. If you are currently experiencing such, it would seem that you have already discovered how to know if a guy loves you.