How To Make Him Want You…

How To Make Him Want You…

love1Balancing a career, a home, and having friendships to maintain may have you feeling overwhelmed

a midst the endless list of things you do in this thing you call “life”. You find yourself so busy that we

seem to have lost touch with the sexier side of your relationship.

Romance has been replaced by a quickie, a “good night, and have a great day at work tomorrow”.

Perhaps you are beginning to feel less desirable as a woman.

No fear, you are about to learn a few tips that should have him wanting you  . Consider these as a way

to awaken his inner craving for you to be his love goddess once again:



  • WHAT YOU SAY When he comes over or comes home, as you open the door…smile. Even if you had a terrible day, start by asking about his. Most of us can’t wait to purge every problem on to a listening ear. Decide whether it’s an emergency or can it wait for a bit. Really listen and be empathetic to his expressions. Acknowledge his hard work, and how much you appreciate him. Men love acknowledgement. The more you take the time to hear and acknowledge him, he will reciprocate back to you Remember to set a mood. Discuss problems or concerns when you both had a chance to relax.


  • PLAN Having a super busy schedule, it’s important to book in time for love. Drop hints about what you have planned for later that evening and how you can’t wait to mess up the sheets with him. Pick out something sexy to wear. Add some candle lights, music, even wearing the perfume he desires. How about taking a bath together, or a sensual message?


  • COMMUNICATE Discuss in advance the best time for your private little escapades. As life changes, so do our priorities, schedule, and level of energy. Find a time agreeable to both of you. If you’ve been in the relationship for a while, don’t be shy about discussing each other’s desires, fantasies, and fetishes. Create a feeling of excitement and anticipation. And of course those three precious words “I LOVE YOU” can also advance your cause.


  • TOUCH A hug and a kiss is nice, but being naughty is much more fun and arousing. Rub his chest and squeeze his touche if necessary. When you kiss him, mean it! Close your eyes and pretend it’s the first passionate kiss you ever gave each other. Holding hands is another way to display your intimate connection and commitment for each another.


  • MAKE HIM WORK FOR IT Men aren’t the greatest fans of control and manipulation. But giving it up too easy can take away his challenge to pursue you and may actually affect his level of respect for you. It has been said that the number one reason why men struggle with commitment is, that they can get sex without it! With that in mind, don’t make yourself so easily available. Make him jealous of your time by planning activities that don’t involve him. Don’t allow him to think you’re on standby, waiting to fulfill his every request. Instead, why not awaken his ego in a way that he will have him fighting like a bull to have you! Caution: using other men to make him jealous only compromises trust.


  • KEEP MAKING AN EFFORT Some women will argue that their man never tries to be romantic. They in fact are the one that always seems to make the effort. First, it’s important to remember to communicate each other’s likes and expectations in these matters. And if it still doesn’t get through to him, rather than getting upset or discouraged. Reward him for the little things he remembers to do, rather than simply nagging or using guilt. At the end of the day, when all effort is made and you two are in ‘the moment’. Who will care about how you got there?